Sunday, March 21, 2010

Of Rats and Other Jungle Experiences

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us". Romans 8:18

Things here the first few months have been somewhat slow and difficult, but I can see that things are going to begin happening fast from this point on. Learning a language is just something that I have not been very good at so far and I pick things up a little slower than everyone else. I am getting better though. About a month ago I was at the church with my partner, Britaldo, and the pastor asked me to talk for ten to fifteen minutes. I did it and I think I got my point and my heart across, but only because I felt like God was right there speaking through me.

We had a short term mission team here for 12 days last month and we translated for them. It was a medical mission so we helped give the patients information, which was a challenge, but it was fun. We also helped entertain the kids while parents were waiting and I dressed up in the big mascot hamster costume, Rico the Cuy. It was really hot, yet I enjoyed that also. One of the last days of the project there was a fire at one of the houses that was nearby. A lady came running toward us yelling, “FUEGO!? (fire) so we all took off running and helped put it out before it spread. The houses are made of wood with thatched roofs and they are all side by side so if the fire had gotten bigger, the whole area would have gone up. It was a frantic moment but we were glad to participate. As for other interesting experiences, there have been many. Having a very large rat investigate my mouth while I was sleeping and bolting upright to have it run in my sleeping bag... not high on my list.

My partner and I will be starting our ministry very soon. We have gotten our assignments for the three communities that we will be responsible for and are excited about preparing for that. We have a challenging area, as it is 2- 3 days down the Amazon on boat from Iquitos. We will be working in the communities for weeks at a time, staying in that area, and will only come back "home" to Iquitos for a few days in between. The trip on the Amazon "ferries" will be interesting... sleeping on hanging hammocks on the boat at night, crammed in with many other people... but I should at least get in a lot of Bible study... Although we have a challenge ahead, we are excited to meet it. This is finally why I came to Peru after all. It is great to know these months of study and planning will be put to use. Although I am anticipating this, I am really in need of prayer. I have just gone through the most frustrating and hard week of my time here in Peru and I have been tried and tested in my spirit. I would ask that you would pray for God's purposes for my team to be fulfilled and that we would all see clearly that His ways are better than anything we could ever come up with on our own. I am struggling with seeing God's hand in some things that happen from time to time and I just need a good dose of His wisdom and peace

"Just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody".